Governance and the Metropolis

The Ruhr Metropolis

The Ruhr Metropolis is home to more than 5 million people in 11 cities and 4 counties. It is one of the continent’s largest metropolitan regions. The “city of cities” thereby offers a unique environment. It combines dense conurbations, industry, urban culture and intact nature with a vibrant knowledge and innovation landscape. The Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) and its subsidiaries form an integral part of the regional governance structure. This website introduces the RVR, two of its subsidiaries and its regional campaign to raise the profile of the Ruhr Metropolis. 

Good to Know

The Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) and its agencies serve as a regional platform for policy deliberation. They implement key policies for the Ruhr Metropolis. 

Cities and Counties of the Ruhr Metropolis, photo: RVR
Ruhr Metropolis in Europe, photo: RVR

Governance Structure

Ruhr Regional Association (RVR)

RVR Headquarters in Essen, photo: RVR / Volker Wiciok
© RVR / Volker Wiciok

The Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) is an association of 11 cities and 4 counties. In 2020, the RVR celebrated its 100th anniversary. Its headquarters is located in Essen, Germany. Its main representative body is the Ruhr Parliament, whose members are directly elected. Head of the administration is the Regional Director. Together with its subsidiaries, the RVR provides a joint platform for policy deliberation and regional development. 

Website: RVR

Ruhr Parliament

Plenary of the Ruhr Parliament with Planning Committee, photo: RVR / Volker Wiciok
© RVR / Volker Wiciok

The Ruhr Parliament is the general assembly of the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR). Since 2020, its 91 members are directly elected. They participate in 9 committees (i.e. Economic Committee or Planning Committee) and they sit in 6 different political groups. The Ruhr Parliament has an important function as a regional platform for policy deliberation and implementation. It enables the Ruhr Metropolis to develop regional initiatives and to speak with one voice. 

Website: Ruhr Parliament

Subsidiaries and Campaigns

The cities and counties of the Ruhr Metropolis work together to pool their strengths. They confer competencies upon the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) and its subsidiaries in areas, where goals can be better achieved at the regional level. These competencies include, for example, regional spatial planning, major infrastructure projects and the protection of the environment. The RVR relies on more than 15 subsidiaries to deliver tailor-made regional services. Two subsidiaries and the RVR's region marketing campaign are introduced below.

Economic Development

BMR office situation, photo: Business Metropole Ruhr
© Business Metropole Ruhr

The Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH (BMR) is an economic development agency and a subsidiary of the RVR. Its task is to market and develop the Ruhr Metropolis. It serves as a platform for policy deliberation and implements the economic strategy of the Ruhr Metropolis. Key responsibilities include internationalisation and location marketing, site and investor service, project development in lead markets, funding and innovations as well as structural policy issues.

Website: BMR

Tourism Marketing

Coal Mine Consol in Gelsenkirchen, photo: RTG / Dennis Stratmann
© RTG / Dennis Stratmann

The Ruhr Tourismus GmbH (RTG) is a regional tourism agency and a subsidiary of the RVR. Its task is to raise the Ruhr Metropolis' profile as a tourist destination. It also serves as a platform for tourism stakeholders in the Ruhr Metropolis. Business priorities are the development of regional tourism concepts, marketing, product development and guided tours. Industrial heritage, urban culture and cycle tourism feature high in the region's tourism strategy. 

Website: RTG

Promoting the Metropolis

Key Visual of the Ruhr Metropolis promotion capaign, photo: RVR

Marketing the Ruhr Metropolis is a central task of the RVR. Under the headline "The right place. The right time.", the RVR promotes the strengths of the region. These include a modern educational landscape, outstanding connections to international transport corridors and a thriving economy. 

Website: Ruhr Metropolis

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