Ruhr Metropolis. We Shape Europe

Europe and the Ruhr Metropolis

Photo campaign in Gelsenkirchen in the run-up to the European elections 2019, Photo: RVR / Petra Hartmann

Europe in the Ruhr Metropolis

Europe plays an important role in the Ruhr Metropolis. Here you can learn more about the regions' European profile.

Wenn, dann hier, Photo: RVR / Mike la Corte

The Ruhr Metropolis in Europe

The Ruhr Metropolis is a frontrunner in many policy fields and strives to join forces with our European partners. Here you can find out about our regional good practices.

A delegation of the Ruhr Metropolis in the Committee of the Regions, Brussels, Photo: RVR / Dirk Friedrich

About us

Here you can find information on the Ruhr Metropolis and the governance structure of the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR).